E-commerce is the technical term for electronic commerce, which means in German electronic trade traffic. This electronic trade is online and web based (world wide web). E-commerce is generally understood as trading online - advertising, buying or selling without going into a specialist store or leaving the house.

Not only the buying and selling process is covered by the term "e-commerce" - also services such as customer service and online banking take place under the collective concept of e-commerce. The focus however, lies on the B2C and B2B business.


We bring you forward

Luckily you know best what makes your product or service special. Reichert Ecommerce supports you by helping clients to find your products/services online and therefore you get more sales. 

We understand your customers

We see the world through your client’s eyes- the client that doesn’t know you yet. We give you honest feedback on what details and information are important to the customer in order to take action and buy from you.

We do it for you

In the first consultant session we discuss what is important to you and what you need support with. Following up you’ll receive an online strategy, a data protection concept or amazon listing that we will discuss together.  

Our service at a glance

  • Online Shop/website development and design
  • Potential analysis for the web
  • Competitors analysis
  • Search engine optimized product description
  • Analysis of your website/webshop and improvement concept
  • Conception of your webshop warehouse (logistics, article numbers, digitalization, process optimization)
  • SEO product descriptions (Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, Webshop, etc.)
  • Translation into various languages
  • Online Marketing Concepts and implementation
  • Maintenance of your Facebook Advertising campaigns, Google AdWords, etc.
  • PPC campaigns consulting and implementation
  • Data protection consulting according to EU regulations



Support with development of Cross-Media-Sales, opening online sales channels and data protection concepts


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Implementation of the implementation process in accordance with the responsible authorities


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Realization of the planned strategy, training for employees, compilation of guidelines, analysis and monitoring of goals.


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