sell ONLINE – from the PRODUcT IDEa to the customer

"Clicks und Millions", but then again online selling is not that easy. This becomes obvious when trying to sign up for all those various web based selling platforms. We help you choosing the right place to offer your products.


Product descriptions
The Internet is like a great library that is divided into directories. The online directory consists of the key words. We create or optimize your product descriptions with the most relevant and most searched keywords so your customers quickly find your items.



The Internet is a visual medium, so you should pay attention to the presentation of the photos. We see them with the eyes of the customers - we advise you on how to make your pictures better and give support in cropping and train your employees with the editing software Adobe Lightroom. With this program you can edit a lot in your pictures. We also provide advice on setting up our own photo studio.


Terms and Conditions
E-commerce is a major subject. Much is new and needs a long training period - Save your time, we will gladly advise you. Our consultancy includes the logistical part, such as your article numbers and organization of your EAN numbers so you can expand the business without any changes.


We also advise you on provisions and requirements on sales platforms and in your online shop. (We cannot provide legal advice, but will get you in touch with experts if you want to dig deeper into a detailed legal aspect)